Nov 2023
5 minutes

Celebrating Innovation and Diversity: Insights from the 2023 Tech Forward Awards

A Night of Excellence in Tech

The 2023 Tech Forward Awards, presented by RBC, was not just an event; it was a celebration of the spirit of innovation and inclusivity in Nova Scotia’s ICT sector. Over 260 guests, including Lessfully Technology Ltd.'s own Jun and Susan, gathered to honor individuals and organizations reshaping our digital landscape.

Lessfully’s Takeaways

Our team members, Jun and Susan, were deeply inspired by the event. It resonated with Lessfully’s commitment to embracing diversity and propelling technological innovation. Events like these reaffirm our mission to contribute meaningfully to the tech community.

The future of Nova Scotia's tech sector looks bright and promising. The Tech Forward Awards not only celebrate today's achievements but also pave the way for tomorrow's innovations. We at Lessfully are excited to be part of this vibrant and evolving landscape.

As we reflect on the night’s celebrations, we at Lessfully Technology Ltd. reaffirm our commitment to the values highlighted at the Tech Forward Awards. We continue to strive towards excellence, innovation, and inclusivity in all our endeavors.

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